Duct Hunter Traceable Rodder Locatable Duct Rodder

A duct hunter traceable rodder, also called a  or a positionable pipe rod, is a specialized tool. It can be used in telecommunications, construction and utility services, and can also be used to install, locate and track underground conduits, pipes or cables. It's especially useful for tasks like pulling new cables through existing pipes or locating and mapping the paths of buried utility lines.


Duct Hunter Traceable Rodder

This is  Sinta's range of positionable duct hunt traceable rodder. Each Duct Hunter Traceable Rodder is constructed from continuous fiberglass tubing rods with copper wire embedded in the rod core. Users can attach the pipe and cable locator transmitter to the reel and transmit a locateable signal along the entire length of the pole; allowing users to use pipe and cable receivers to locate previously unlocated pipes, while also locating pipes up to 10 feet deep. Duct hunter traceable rodder is ideal for locating underground PVC, PE, concrete, clay or tile pipes.


What Locatable duct rodder can do

Locate and mark non-metallic pipes up to 10 feet deep

Locate sewer laterals to confirm no cross-drilling has occurred

Find ductile iron, plastic, tile or concrete pipes


Attach the probe, roller guide or eye to the end ferrule of the rod

Suitable for any pipe and cable locator

Excellent bending strength

All Rodders include roller guide, repair kit and accessory kit

Locating System: What makes a locatable duct rodder different is the inclusion of a built-in locating system. This system usually consists of a conductor wire or a traceable wire embedded within the rod. This conductor wire allows for the transmission of a signal that can be detected on the surface.

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ItemRod diameter(mm)Rod length(m)Weight (kg)Frame size (mm)Frame diameter (mm)Fiberglass diameter (mm)ABS coating thickness (mm)Copper head diameter (mm)Rubber wheelsAccessories
LTRD12-100Φ12 100431200*480*1350 1200 9  1.5 12.3 YESYES
LTRD12-120Φ12 12046
LTRD12-150Φ12 15051
LTRD12-180Φ12 18055
LTRD12-200Φ12 20058
LTRD12-250Φ12 25064
LTRD12-300 Φ12 30073

Duct Hunter Traceable Rodder Diameter

Hunter Traceable Rodder Usage:

Installation: To install a cable or conduit, the locatable duct rodder is inserted into the conduit entrance. As the rod is pushed or pulled through the conduit, the conductor wire within it remains connected to the surface.

Locating: When the rod is in place, a specialized locator device is used on the surface. This locator sends a signal through the conductor wire in the rod. The operator can then trace the path of the rod and, by extension, the path of the conduit or cable.

Mapping: By following the signal and recording its path, operators can create accurate maps and documentation of underground infrastructure. This is crucial for avoiding damage to existing utilities during excavation and for planning new installations.

Fault Detection: In addition to installation and mapping, locatable duct rodders are used for locating faults or breaks in existing conduits or cables. The signal emitted by the conductor wire can help pinpoint the exact location of the problem.

Locatable Duct Rodder Various Colors


Users typically feed the Locatable Duct Rodder into the conduit or duct, and the locating device allows them to track the rod's progress and determine its location underground.

See the Sinta product video for an animated description of how to use the Duct Hunter Traceable Rodder to trace nonmetallic pipes.

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