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How To Use a Duct Rodder?

As the demand for data connectivity skyrockets, so does the need for rapid installation of fiber optic cables. Fiberglass duct rodder are the backbone of the telecommunications industry, helping to power broadband services and big data around the world. Fiberglass duct rodder installation is a tedious and laborious task. During the installation and maintenance of circuits, workers are always faced with complicated wiring work, which is both troublesome and error-prone. The workers were in great trouble. Finally, the fiberglass  duct rodder was born, which greatly reduced the difficulty of workers' threading work.

fiberglass duct rodder

Proper installation helps the cable function properly while reducing installation time.

In this guide, we take a look at – Conduit Rod – one of the key pieces of equipment in fiber optic cable installation.

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What is a fierglass duct rodder and why is it needed?

During the installation or maintenance of optical cables, workers must perform complex wiring work. Threading is not only cumbersome and time-consuming, but also error-prone. Threading is one of the main tasks during installation. This is where the pipe rod comes in.

Conduit rods are an indispensable tool for cable laying.

It simplifies cable threading and has become an essential tool for workers.

Duct pullers can be used for fiber optic cable installations, as well as other installation projects such as cables in wall ducts, pulling guides and sewer pipes.

Advantages of using duct rodder to install fiber optic cables:

Reduce installation time

Improve work efficiency

Reduce installation errors

Reduce the burden on workers

Pipe drill pipe is used for installation of fiber optic cables, cleaning of pipes and maintenance work.

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How to use a duct rodder?

Remember: Follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions

Before using the pipe rod, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions that come with it. Improper use may result in damage to fiber optic cables, broken pipe poles, or even personal injury.

Things to do before using Duct Rodder

Place the pipe pole in place - like a manhole cover.

Fence off the work area to prevent others from entering the work site.

If the installation site is in a residential area, be sure to put up signs to alert passersby of the work being done.

Ensure workers always wear hard hats, safety shoes, gloves, safety jackets and other safety equipment.

Fiberglass duct rodder usage steps:

1. First of all, when installing concealed wires, before threading, arrange the direction of the wire tube properly. It is best to bend the elbow with a pipe bender and fix the wire tube. We will also perform the next step of threading in the pipe. One point that needs to be emphasized here is that a special pipe bending machine should be used to bend the pipe at the bend; otherwise, it will be difficult for the wire to pass through here.

2. After all preparations are completed, you can use the fiberglass duct rodder to thread. First thread one end of the rod into the steel wire pipe, and then pull the wire rope at the other end of the pipe rod. In this project, it is necessary to ensure that the steel wire rope is unobstructed in the steel wire pipe and cannot be bent in the steel wire pipe to avoid difficulty in subsequent threading work.

3. Subtract about five centimeters from both ends of the wire to be threaded, and then wrap one end of the wire around the small coil at the end of the wire. If you need to insert multiple wires into the fiber at the same time, you can wrap the wires together, tape them together, and then wrap them around a small coil.

4. Finally, two people need to grasp the two ends of the fiberglass rod. One person at one end tightly grasps the rod head above the threader, and the other person slowly rotates the fiberglass rod roll, and the wire slowly rotates to insert the air duct rod into the wiring duct. , pull one end and send out the other end, and you can quickly put on the air duct rod. If the fiberglass rod gets stuck during this process, you need to tap the duct rod to loosen it and then continue to pull it loose.