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Make the Fish Tape Cable Puller the ideal tool for any electrical job on your list

Whether you're wiring a new electrical outlet or ceiling fan, or need to install Ethernet cable, a roll of fish tape or a cable puller will make the project easier. Both tools allow you to route wires behind walls. Both the fish tape and the cable puller are very flexible and suitable for use over long distances (which may require turning).

We offer cable pullers made of fiberglassmetalnylon, and other materials. Our products can mark lengths, allowing you to measure while pulling the wire.



Q: What is the function of fish tape cable puller?

A: Use a cable puller to pull the wire through conduit or behind a wall. When a house is built, it is easy to install and move electrical wiring because the walls are open and easily accessible. But once construction is complete, you don’t want to break through the wall to access the wires. Fish tape allows you to move wires through existing paths without having to turn your home into a demolition site.

Q: How do I get a fish through a wall?

A: To use fish tape, gently push the hook end through the wall or conduit to the destination of the new wiring. Place the fish tape into the wire and attach the wire to the hook at the end of the faucet. Wrap the connection with a thin layer of electrical tape to help keep the wiring secure. Return to the other end of the fish tape and slowly roll it towards you. Fish tape will pull the wire through the wall or conduit until you can see it at one end.

Q: Is our fish tape cable puller durable enough?

A: Our fish tape cable puller can withstand the demands of pulling cables without breaking or bending easily.

Q:How easy is the fish tape puller to use?

A: Ease of use is a common concern for everyone. Our fish strap cable puller is convenient to use, especially in tight spaces or around obstacles.

Q:Will the fish tape puller encounter jamming problem?

A: Dealing with stuck or tangled fish tape is an often frustrating experience during cable hauling duties. Our products can pass through pipes smoothly without getting stuck.