​Duct Rodder with Wheels

Duct Rodder with Wheels are specialized tools used by the telecommunications and utility industries to install and place cables or wires within pipes, conduits, or ducts. The tool is designed to increase process efficiency and reduce physical demands on technicians.


Duct Rodder with Wheels

Duct Rodder with Wheels have a polymer coating that glides easily over existing wires in occupied conduits, especially around bends. Safety feed holes and drag brakes allow easy control of discharge, while distance markers provide quick identification of depth. Don't forget to order duct rod accessories along with your duct rod to save time and money.

Here are some of the key features and uses of wheeled duct rods:

Duct Rodder with Wheels


Flexible Rod: The core component of a pipe rod is a long, flexible rod made of a material such as fiberglass or composite. The rod can be pushed or pulled through pipes and conduits.

Wheels: Wheeled duct rodder have wheels on one end. These wheels roll along the ground or pipe surface, making them easier to maneuver. Mobility can also be increased.

End Fittings: The ends of flexible poles often have various attachments or fittings to facilitate the installation of cables or wires. These may include hooks, eyelets, or other devices for securing cables.



Metal Frame: Some plumbing rods come with a reel or frame that holds the rod in place when not in use. This helps keep the rods organized and prevents tangles.

Markings: Many duct rodders have length markings along the pole to indicate the deployed length, which is useful for tracking the location of the pole in longer pipes.

Wheeled duct rodder manufacturer can provide a variety of duct rodder cage styles to meet the needs of customers in different countries.

duct rod

Duct Rodder with Wheels

Wheeled duct rod uses:

Cable Installation: Duct rodss are primarily used to guide and assist in the installation of various types of cables, such as fiber optic cables, electrical wires, or data cables, within underground pipes and ducts.

Telecommunications: Telecommunications companies use duct rods to install fiber optic cables, coaxial cables and other communications cables in ducts and underground passages.

Utilities: Electric utilities and power companies use pipe poles to install cables and lines through pipes and underground tunnels.

Construction: Duct rods are also used in construction projects that require running cables and wires through conduits or pipes.


Duct Rodder With Wheels Advantages:

Efficiency: Wheeled duct rodders make cable installation faster and more efficient, especially if the duct or conduit is long or curved.

Reduced physical stress: The wheels and design of the rod puller reduce the physical effort required to push or pull the rod through the conduit, which can be physically demanding.

Versatility: These tools are versatile and suitable for a variety of industries and applications.

Tips: When using a wheeled pipe pusher, safety procedures and guidelines must be followed to prevent accidents, especially when working in tight spaces or areas with multiple bends and obstacles in the pipe. Proper training and safety equipment are critical for technicians using this tool.

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Here are our Duct Rodder with Wheels details:

ItemRod diameter (mm)Rod length (m)Weight (kg)Frame size (mm)

Frame diameter(mm)Fiberglass diameter(mm)ABS coatingthickness (mm)Copper headdiameter (mm)Rubber wheelsAccessories

ItemRod diameter (mm)Rod length (m)Weight (kg)Frame size (mm)

Frame diameter(mm)Fiberglass diameter(mm)ABS coatingthickness (mm)Copper headdiameter (mm)Rubber wheelsAccessories

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