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Cobra Duct Rod Accessories

When it comes to cable installation, having the right accessories can make all the difference. Our selection of Duct Rodder Accessories is designed to complement your tools and enhance your capabilities, enabling you to tackle various installation challenges with confidence.

Each accessory is meticulously designed to enhance the efficiency of your cable installation process. By reducing friction, improving flexibility, and providing tracking capabilities, these accessories contribute to time savings and better results.

Many of our accessories, such as traceable locators, are designed with technology-driven advancements in mind. By incorporating these accessories into your toolkit, you're investing in the future of cable installation.

Cobra Duct Rod Accessories can supply a range of repair kits and individual spare parts

There are kits available to deal with cobra rods that have broken ends and where the rod has broken, split or kinked in the middle of the reel. We offer a complete assortment of individual spare parts which include a selection of Drawing Head, Rod Grapple, Roller Guide, Flexible Leader, Swivel Connector, Repair Kit.

Whether installing cables in pipes, threading pull cords through pipes or measuring pipes or drains with probes, we have a compact and labor-saving solution. A large number of replacement parts are available. In stock for fast delivery.