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The Cobra Duct Rod is designed to be lightweight for easy handling in the field. They feature solid construction and manual wheel brakes. They can be used sideways or upright. The Mini Cobra Duct Rodder construction has excellent flex flexibility making it ideal for short to long duct installations. This is the ideal and quick way to install guy and winch ropes into the pipeline, ready for cable pulling operations.

When precision, efficiency, and control matter most, our Cobra Duct Rodder is your go-to tool. Whether you're working on telecommunications, infrastructure, or commercial projects, this tool empowers you to execute cable installations with unmatched precision and confidence.

Explore the specifications and unique features of our Cobra Duct Rod on our Product Page and discover how it can transform your cable installation projects. For inquiries, technical details, or to place an order, please contact us. Experience the future of cable installation with us.

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