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Cable Drum Trailers: For Efficient Transport of Cable Drums

If you use cables regularly, it's important to handle them efficiently. Then a cable drum trailer might be a smart investment for you. It saves time and is also a labor saving tool.

The most important Cable trailer

Cable drum trailers are one of the main necessities for projects that require transporting cable wires from one section to another. Sometimes the cable is so heavy that it needs to be wrapped in a giant drum. The drum gets quite heavy due to the cable buildup. That is, a cable drum trailer is needed to transport the drum from one project site to another. As cable drums slowly become larger and heavier, a cable drum trailer is required to accommodate heavy and extra-wide drums sometimes weighing up to 48 tonnes.

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from A to B

When transporting cable drums from your company to the site where the cable will be used, such as a construction site or infrastructure project, you can do this in a number of ways. Of course, you can decide to use a trailer or truck. However, you will need a forklift or truck-mounted forklift at both locations to lift the cable drum in and out of the trailer/truck. If you need to transport cable drums frequently, then you may be interested in purchasing a cable trailer that can be easily attached to your towing commercial vehicle. And if you choose a rapid transit cable trailer, you can drive it on the highway.

Unwind cable

Cable trailers are also very handy on site when you need to use cables. This is because a cable drum trailer lifts the drum off the ground, allowing you to easily unroll the cable without much manual effort. You can loosen the cable by hand or use a cable winch. If you don't have a cable trailer, a drum jack is often needed to quickly and easily unroll the cable. If you choose a cable rewinder, you can also use a cable drum trailer to rewind the cable onto the drum. The cable rewinder is hydraulically operated. This option is particularly useful if you need to rewind the cable regularly (for example after temporary use on a construction site).

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Buildings and Infrastructure

Cable drum trailers are mainly used by construction or infrastructure companies, especially for transporting and unwinding fiber optic cables, power cables, high, medium and low voltage cables and hoses. For example, cable drum trailers are widely used for blown fiber optic cables. Cable pullers are also an effective tool for pulling cables through underground trenches (such as under roads). Once the hole is drilled, the pipe is connected to the drill bit, which is then returned through the drill hole and the required cable can then be pulled through the pipe.

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