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Sinta FRP Trading Co.,Ltd, established in 2011, is a professional duct rodder manufacturer. Our duct rodders are exported with good quality and competitive price all over the world. Various sizes of duct rodders are on sale. Diamater is from 4.5mm to 16mm.length is 1m to 3000m. Various colors of conduit rodders are offered. Such as yellow, white, blue, red, black, etc. Because of integrity management, we have won many long-cooperated customers.

There are two types of duct rodder. 1. Portable duct rodder is applicable to small size rod. It is lightweight and easy to move. 2. Wheeled duct rodder. It works well with large diameter rods and it has a large frame. It is heavy and equipped with rubber wheels for easy pushing by workers. When you use it in cable laying and pipeline cleaning, you can get some benefits such as like time saving, labor saving. Main products:1. Fiberglass duct rodder 2. Cobra duct rodder 3. Traceable duct rodder 4. Duct rodder accessories 5. Push pull rod  6. Fish tape 7. cable rodder


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China Golden Supplier for Fiberglass duct rodder, cable laying equipment, optical fiber cable tools, cable roller. Our company has high-quality cobra duct rodder for sale, click to contact us.

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