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Our Cobra Rodding Reel is an essential tool for cable and conduit installation, designed to simplify even the most challenging installation tasks. Designed with precision and durability in mind, this versatile tool is designed to help install cables or wires through underground conduits, pipes, or conduits. Offering a range of features and benefits, it is a must-have for professionals in the telecommunications, utilities and construction industries.

Cobra cable reel is made of stable plastic material, constructed with fiberglass core and wear-resistant sheath, making it durable, easy to use and easy to maintain. The sturdy frame serves both to store the rod and to help unfold the rod into the pipe.

Cobra Cable Reel: Durable Fiberglass Core for Easy Installation

Discover the durability of Cobra Cable Reels with a fiberglass core, perfect for effortless cable installations in pipes. Ideal for telecom and utility tasks. Order now!

Cobra Cable Reel is made from a stable plastic material with a fiberglass core and wear-resistant sheath. Cobra Rodding Reel is durable, easy to use and easy to maintain. The frame is sturdy and sturdy, both for storing the rod and helping to deploy the rod into the pipe.

Cobra rodding is a practical power tool product. It is used to lay cables or wires in places where direct access is not possible or excavation and trenching are impractical. It is commonly used by telecommunications companies, utility providers, and contractors to perform a variety of installation and maintenance tasks.Cable Roller for sale.

Cobra Cable Reel Main Features:

Premium Materials: Our Cobra rodding is constructed from high quality, ultra-sturdy materials to ensure longevity and reliability in the most demanding environments.

Flexibility: The rod's flexibility allows it to maneuver through tight bends and obstacles within conduits and pipes, making it ideal for complex wiring scenarios.

Lightweight Design: Lightweight construction is designed for ease of use and reduces operator fatigue while maintaining robust performance.

Versatile Applications: Whether you are working on telecommunications network installations, utility infrastructure maintenance, or construction projects, our Cobra rodding reels excel in a variety of applications.

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Safety Recommendations for Using Cobra Rodding:

When you use a Cobra cable reel, safety precautions must be taken to ensure the health of the operator and others nearby.

Thoroughly inspect the Cobra Rodding before each use to ensure it is in good working order. Check for any signs of wear, damage or loose parts.

Our Cobra rodding is the ultimate solution for professionals looking for precision, efficiency and reliability in their cable and conduit installation tasks. Make your projects smoother and more cost-effective by investing in a tool that not only meets industry standards but exceeds expectations. 

Our company also has other high-quality cable laying tool products, Ready to streamline your cable installations? Contact us now for expert advice!.

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What is a cobra reel used for?

The two main uses for Cobra Rodding Systems are: To push a sonde through a duct or pipe to track it's course with a cable avoidance tool. To put through a duct to bring back a draw string to pull a winch rope through the duct.

ItemRod diameter(mm)Rod length(m)Weight (kg)Frame size (mm)Frame diameter (mm)Fiberglass diameter (mm)ABS coating thickness (mm)Copper head diameter (mm)Rubber wheelsAccessories
LTRD16-150Φ16 15084 1700*480*1700  1700 12 2 16.3YESYES
LTRD16-200Φ16 200102
LTRD16-250Φ16 250120
LTRD16-300Φ16 300138
LTRD18-150Φ18 150971800*500*1800 1800132.518.3
LTRD18-200Φ18 200121
LTRD18-250 Φ18 250144
LTRD18-300 Φ18 300167

Experience the future of cable installation today with our Cobra rodding.

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