Duct Rodder

Duct rodder, also called fiberglass conduit rodder, it is an excellent cable pulling equipment. Smooth and resilient surface allows the piercer easily pass through the narrow pipeline. The fiberglass rod is made from extruded fiberglass and high strength resin for flexibility and tensile strength. The exterior layer is covered with high density UV-resistant polyethylene, which protects and insulates while sliding on surface.

With 10 years’ experience, we is leading supplier of duct rodder for optical fibre cable solution and other cable laying solutions.


More Duct Rodder Details

The Duct Rodder is used to connect cables through existing pipes to the puller in preparation for the introduction of pipe blasting equipmentDuct rodder has the advantages of time saving, labor saving and work efficiency improvement. It can be used for telecommunication pipeline cleaning and laying of optical cables, cables and plastic pipes.

As duct rodder suppliers, we provide a wide range of cable installation tool options-maxi duct rodder, midi duct rodder, mini duct rodder. The quality meets your expectations.The fiberglass duct rodder price is good for you. It is very good cable pulling equipment widely used in Telecom Industry to install cable.

  • Features

    High tensile strength and strong bending performance, and can freely shuttle in narrow pipelines.

  • Equipped with rust-proof  traction head.

  • Good anti-aging performance.

  • Easy maintenance.

  • Equipped with mobile or portable frame, easy to move.

  • High strength and tensile.

  • Advantages

    High quality fiberglass rod.

    Thicker steel tube.

    Best copper head.

    High strength and tensile.

Duct Rodder For Sale

 duct rodder

                             Mini duct rodder

  duct rodder

                            Midi duct rodder

  duct rodder

                             Maxi duct rodder

Duct Rodder Specification


Rod: fiberglass inner core + pp cover  

Frame: galvanized steel tube / stainless steel tube  

Wheels: nylon / rubber

Size: rod diameter: 4.5 mm-16 mm / rod length: max. 600 m

Color: yellow, orange, white, black, red, green, blue other customized colors.

                                                                                                                       Specifications of duct rodder


  Rod Diameter            (mm)

  Max. Length of Push or Pull                       (m)

  Typical Max. Duct Diameter                          (mm)

  Tensile Strength                  (lb)

  Minimum Bending Radius                     (mm)


        4.5                 100
                    50         2300                105


         6                 150                    60         5800                180


         8                 200                    80         7700                260


         9                 250                   100         8580                300


        10                 300                   150         9820                360


        11                 350                   200        11000                400


        12                 400                   250        13000                450


        13                 450                   300
        17500                510


        14                 500                   350        19500                560


        15                 550                   400        23200                610


        16                 600                   450        21520                660

Four size duct rodder for sale:

4.5mm X 100m duct rodder

8mm X 150m duct rodder

                                   4.5mm X 100m duct rodder                                                                        8mm X 150m duct rodder            

9mm X 150m duct rodder

11mm duct rodder 200 mtrse

                                     9mm X 150m duct rodder                                                                       11mm duct rodder 200 mtrse

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How to Choose The Best Duct Rodder?

Duct rodder Structure:

◊  Rod:

  ♦  Conventional rod:  Fiberglass inner core + UV-resistant pp cover

  ♦  This rod is conventional type, which belongs to most conduit rodder.  The rod of duct rodder consists of two main parts: extruded fiberglass inner core and UV-resistant polyethylene cover.

  ♦  All the materials are made from the most advanced raw materials, which guarantee the duct rodder’s flexibility and tensile strength.

  ♦  Traceable rod: Inserted copper wire, fiberglass inner core + UV-resistant pp cover.

  ♦  This rod is traceable type, it is an innovative solution to easily map out and locate underground conduit or pipe with out digging especially in metro environments.

  ♦  This rod is composed of three parts: fiberglass inner core is inserted with copper wire, which has excellent traceable performance.



                                       Conventional rod                                                                                           Traceable rod

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