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9 Best Fish Tapes Reviewed in 2023

A good fish tape will make or break you. We look for fish tapes that will keep you safe and will speed up your work.

fiberglass fish tape

Fish tape, also known as guy wire or pull tape, is a tool used by electricians and technicians to thread cables and wires through conduit, walls, and other tight spaces. There are several types of fish tapes to choose from, each designed for specific applications and preferences.


The following are the main types of fish tape:

  • Steel Fish Belts: Steel fish belts are the most common and traditional type of fish belts. They are made of flexible yet strong flat or round steel wire. Steel fish tape is known for its durability and ability to handle tough jobs, such as long pipe runs and running across rough surfaces. They often have features such as anti-rust coatings, ergonomic handles, and trigger mechanisms for easier rewinding.

  • Nylon Fish Tape: Nylon fish tape is made of durable and flexible nylon material. They are lightweight and non-conductive, making them ideal for applications where electrical interference must be avoided, such as data and communication cable installations. Nylon fish tape is also less likely to damage fragile cables.

nylon fish tape

  • Fiberglass Fish Tape: Fiberglass fish tape is made of non-conductive fiberglass material, suitable for electrical installations. They are lightweight and usually have a coiled design, which helps reduce friction and enable smooth maneuvering in tight spaces. They are especially useful for guiding elbows and corners in piping systems. Fiberglass traceability rods have been a hot topic of discussion in various industries, especially those related to cable and wire installation, telecommunications, utilities and construction. These innovative tools have been noted for their unique features and benefits, which contribute to a more efficient and accurate cable routing and installation process. Fiberglass fish tape easily adapts to your needs.

Fiberglass Fish Tape

fish tape

  • Flat Steel Fish Tape: This type of fish tape is similar to traditional steel fish tape but has a flatter profile. The flat design is advantageous when trying to run cables through tight spaces, such as wall voids, as it reduces the chance of getting caught by obstacles.

  • Blue Steel Fish Tape: Blue Steel Fish Tape has a blue-black oxide coating for corrosion resistance. This coating helps prevent rust and prolongs the life of the tape, making it suitable for outdoor and wet environments.

  • Wire Fish Tape: Steel wire fish tape is made up of steel wires that are twisted together. This design provides flexibility, strength and good kink resistance. Wire fish tape is typically used for shorter runs and tasks that require flexibility around tight turns.

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  • Spring Steel Fishtail Straps: Spring steel fishtail straps are designed for high flexibility and are resistant to bending or kinks. They are typically used in applications that require frequent bending, such as navigation catheter elbows.

  • Stainless Steel Fishtail Tape: Stainless steel fishtail tape has excellent anti-rust and corrosion resistance. They are ideal for use in harsh environments or when working with corrosive substances.

  • Braided Fish Tape: Braided fish tape is a tool used primarily by electricians and other professionals to route and thread wires through conduits, pipes, or other confined spaces. The term "braided" refers to the construction of the tape, which consists of multiple thin metal wires braided or twisted together to form a strong and flexible tape-like strip.

Braided fish tape

When selecting fish tape, consider factors such as tape length, conduit type, distance to run, and whether you need conductive or non-conductive options. Our company is a very professional supplier of cable laying tools, and can recommend the appropriate fish tape according to your specific needs, which will ensure a smoother and more efficient cable laying process. Our hot selling products are Nylon Fish Tape, Twisted Wire Puller Fish Tape and Braided Fish Tape, welcome to buy.