Fiberglass Duct Conduit Rodder
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Fiberglass Duct Rodder also called fiberglass conduit rodder, fiberglass rodder. fibreglass cable rodder and etc. It is an auxiliary tool for long cable laying in pipelines, and can collect cables conveniently. It is produced into high performance and strong durability. At present, it  has been widely used in the power industry and is ideal for electrical wire and datacom cable pulling under floor channels.

Fibreglass rodder range from 4.5 mm to 16 mm, length range from 30 m to 500 m for cable pulling.


Fiberglass Duct Rodder

Fiberglass Duct Rodder is built with non-conductive high visibility polymer sheath to protect against rod abrasion and reduce friction. It has excellent bending strength for the rod maneuvering tight turns. And we also supplies a wide range of fiberglass rodders options: mini fiberglass rodder, medi fiberglass rodder and maxi fiberglass rodder to ensure users choose a suitable size for their project. Duct rodder is used for cable pulling. duct rodder price is lower than other from us, because we are duct rodder supplier

The best fiberglass duct rodder size for you:

  3/16'', 1/4'', 5/16'', 3/8'' and 1/2''. It is important to choose the diameter that suits your specific project needs, contact us for the latest price.

  • Features

  • Fiberglass conduit rodder has strong tensile and bending properties, can work in narrow pipes.

  • Fiberglass rodder is easy to use. Used in conjunction with portable and wheeled brackets, it saves time and effort, and is easy to operate.

  • Anti-rust, anti-corrosion, non-conductive, excellent pulling strength.

  • Hard to break and anti-aging.

  • Equipped with bracket and easy to move.

  • Simple and convenient to maintain.

  • Advantages

  • High tensile and bend properties.

  • Convenient to move.

  • Excellent temperature adaptability.    

  • Smooth surface, wear and corrosion resistant.

  • Meter marks, rubber wheels.

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Fiberglass Conduit Rodders Specification

SpecificationRod Diameter(mm)Φ4.5, Φ6, Φ8, Φ9, Φ10, Φ11, Φ12, Φ13, Φ14, Φ15, Φ16
Rod Length(m)30 m~500 m
Frame Spec.(mm)1300x450x1330, 1200x420x1220, 980x350x1000, 680x240x700, 420x180x400
MaterialFiberglass Rod InnerExtruded fiberglass and high strength resin at high temperature
Fiberglass Rod CoverUV-resistant pp cover
Metal FrameGalvanized steel tube
PhysicalPropertyFiberglass Content75-80%
Density>1.9 gr/cm3
Working Environment-40°C to+80°C
Minimum Pulling Strength4000N+/-5%
Rod Consistency137 gr/m
Flexural Modulus>46.500 Mpa
Elongation at Break2.5-3%
Min Bending Radius388 mm

Note: Various sizes and colors are available, customization is supported! We can offer customized fiberglass rodders, such as United Kingdom Style, Australia Style, United States Style and so on.

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Fiberglass Duct rodder Category:

  ∇  Mini fiberglass rodder applicable to small diameter and short length rod, the weight is light. There is vertical handle which is convenient for users to move it freely. It is a good cable pulling tool for wires & cables through ducts, conduit and pipes.

  ∇  Medi fiberglass rodder the rod diameter is bigger and length is longer, and is for cable pulling upto 130 m with 100 m-150 m rod. The frame size is bigger than the mini duct rodder.

  ∇  Maxi fiberglass rodder this type frame is big, and equipped with rubber wheels. It is applicable to big diameter and long rod, such as diameter 10 mm-16 mm, length 150 m-500 m.  Installing cables is upto 300 m or longer.

Fiberglass Conduit Rodder Sizes for Cable Pulling

Fiberglass rodder has its new variation, according to size:

4.5 mm x 60m fiberglass rodder

6 mm x 100m fibreglass rodder

                                      4.5 mm x 60m fiberglass rodder                                                                                      6 mm x 100m fiberglass rodder         


9mm X 150m duct rodder

                                        9 mm x 130 m fiberglass rodder                                                                                     11 mm x 150 m fiberglass rodder

Fiberglass Duct Rodder Accessories:

We provide many fiberglass duct rodder accessories including fiberglass pulling rod, galvanized steel tube welded frame, thick rubber wheels, hand-operate brake, copper head and so on.

  1  Fiberglass pulling rod.

  2  Galvanized steel tube welded frame.

  3  Thick Rubber wheels.

  4  Hand-operate brake.

  5  Copper head.

  6  Rod guide.

  7  Repair kits.

Fiberglass Conduit Rodder Application:

  ♥  Telecom cable.

  ♥  Pelectrical cable.

  ♥  Wall and underground conduit.

  ♥  Walker duct and utility installations.

  ♥  Cable & wire installations.

Cable Rodder Using Instructions:

  ♥  Before treading, paving wire lines well.

  ♥  Pull the fiberglass rod to a suitable location from the pilot wheel.

  ♥  Connecting the fiberglass duct rodder with corresponding metal head, the frp rodder  can be used to then.

Fiberglass Rodder Maintenance:

  ♥  After constructions, the rod should be scrolled into the frame.

  ♥  Fiberglass Duct rodders are kept in dark place, it is prohibited in the sun exposure, because it will be fracture under  long time exposure.

This is a video of the production process of our fiberglass duct rodder:

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