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Fish Tapes : Advanced Uses in the Toolbox of Professional Electricians

Fish Tapes for Professional Electricians: Explore the advanced uses of fish tapes in the toolbox of professional electricians, showcasing their versatility.

Fish tape is a tool used by electricians primarily to pull wires or other wires through conduit. It is also used to pull nanowires through walls, ceilings, floors and other enclosed spaces. The fish tape itself is a long, stiff, flat steel wire. 

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Dual Use of Fish Tape

Sometimes, two fish tapes are used on each end of the wall. There is a hook at each end, and one fish tape can be hooked to the other, and when one tape is pulled back, the other tape is also brought out. An electrician can attach a battery and a doorbell or buzzer to two pieces of fish tape so that the bell will sound when the ends of the fish tape touch each other (inside the wall). Click to contact our experts.

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What is the importance of fish tape?

Fish tape is used to pull wires through steel pipes and through walls, ceilings or underground to secure wires for connection to circuit breaker panels. Spring steel is the most common material because of its stiffness, the ability to push greater lengths in the conduit, and it is also costly.

Which industries use fish tape?

Electricity Trade

Fish tape is one of the most common tools in the electrical trade for running wire and cable through inaccessible areas of the job site.

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How to maintain fish tape?

Wash the tape with a mild detergent and warm water to keep it free of dirt and lubricant build-up. Dirty tapes can be difficult to play and retrieve. Check the fish tape and leader for corrosion, cracks, or other wear that could cause it to break during the pull. Contact fish tape supplier.

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