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Metal Fish Tape, also known as steel fish tape or line puller, is a tool that serves a similar purpose to nylon fish tape but is made of metal, usually steel. It is commonly used by electricians and other professionals to route and pull wires or cables through conduits, walls, and other confined spaces.

Steel fish tape, sometimes simply called fish tape or wire puller, is a specialized tool used primarily by electricians and other professionals to pull wires or cables through conduits, conduits, walls, and other enclosed spaces. Metal Fish Tape is designed to simplify the process of routing and running electrical wires during a construction or remodeling project.

Metal Fish Tape is ideal for cabling associated with light commercial, residential and voice data video installations. Optimized housing and handle design reduces payout effort and reduces binding. The large handle provides a secure, stable grip when you pull the tape out of the case. The tape has laser-etched drop marks on each foot. These markings allow you to accurately measure the depth to which the conduit has been laid and determine the amount of tape remaining.

Here's How Metal Fish Tape typically Works:

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Construction: Metal fish straps are made of durable and hard metal, usually steel. They come in varying lengths, usually 25 to 100 feet or more. The metal construction gives them strength and durability, allowing them to withstand the rigors of wire pulling.

Usage: To use metal fish tape, first attach the end of the tape to the wire or cable that will be threaded through the conduit or wall. This is usually done by making a loop or hook on the end of the wire and attaching it to the fish tape.


Navigation: The rigidity of metal fish tape makes it less flexible than nylon fish tape, but it can still effectively weave through bends and corners in pipes or walls. You push or feed the tape into the entry point and use steady pressure to guide it along the desired path.

Retrieval: Once the tape is pushed to the desired location, you can attach a wire or cable to the end of the tape. Then, carefully retract or pull the tape back to pull the wire or cable through the conduit or wall.

Variations: There are many variations of metal fish straps, including straps with different types of handles or grips for easier use. Some models also have markings on the length of tape to help you measure how far you have to pull the wire.

Advantages of Metal Fish Tape:

Metal fish straps are known for their strength and durability, making them suitable for more challenging string pulling tasks. They are an essential tool for professionals working on electrical installations, especially where wires need to be routed through long or complex conduit systems.

Steel Fish Tape is extremely durable and capable of meeting the requirements of professional electrical installations. They are particularly useful for situations where long runs of pipe or tape may need to negotiate tight bends or sharp corners. Proper care and handling is essential to ensure that the tape remains in good condition for reuse.

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