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Our duct rodder is durable and flexible with long service life time. But sometimes there are bends or corners in the pipeilne, only the fiberglass pulling rod is not enough to pull the cable or wire successfully. Also, somtime if the duct rodders is used too frequently and for too long time, the rod maybe break. If you throw it away, it is regrettable. If you buy a new duct rodder replacement, the cost will be expensive and not worthy. In this case, there is a perfect solution - duct rodder accessories & repair kit.


  • Features

  • Made of metal material, durable and strong, not easy to break.

  • Resistant to acid, aging resistant, corrision resistant.

  • High tensile strength and bending properties, which can help duct rodder through narrow pipe easily.

  • Advantages

  • connect 2 pcs short rods together, run through long conduit easily.

  • Connect break rods together, avoid to buy a new one, save cost.

  • Spring and flexbile to run through corner in pipeline.

  • Rotate, can change the angle easily, to guide the rod through pipe easily.

Duct Rodder Repair Kit

More Duct Rodder Accessories Details

Duct rodder accessories & repairt kit

We supply duct rodder accessories & repairt kit inculding drawing head, rod grapple, flexible leader, roller guide, and swivel connector for you to find good replacement parts.

Drawing head is made of good quality copper material. It is sticked to the end of fiberglass rod. When using, the wire or cable is attached to the pulling eye, it guides the rod through the pipeline.

Large one is for diameter more than 8 mm, small one is for diameter 4.5 mm/6 mm.

Rod Grapple

Rod grapple is used when the pipeline is very long and there is corner in it and not easy to pass. Screw the two loops on one side of fiberglass rod, push it into the couduit, when it meet the corner and pass difficultly, push the four hooks grapple from the other end of the pipeline, when the two grapples meet, the four hooks will catch the two halves, then pull the rod, the whole rods will run through the pipeline easily.

Also, rod grapple can be used to clean the pipeline when the pipeline is long time not cleaned and there are sweeps in it.

Roller Guide

Roller guide is used to push the rod through the pipeline when wire or cable are already laying in the pipeline. The roller guide is rotated and can guide the rod through occupied conduits, bends, corners and sweeps easily. Even misalignments, it is available.


                                       Drawing Head                                                                                                          Rod Grapple                                                   Roller Guide

Flexible Leader 

Flexible leader is also used to guide the rod through the corner in the pipeline, it is spring and flexible, can protect and replace the end of pulling rod through corner.

Swivel Connector

When the fiberglass pulling rod is not long enough or broken in the middle, the swivel connector is very necessay. The swivel connector can connect two rods together. There are two types of swivel connectors. Also sizes are various, can meet your multiple requirements.

Repair Kit

Standard replacement repair kit of duct rod. Because it is portable in a small bag. you can easily repair duct rodder in any condition. Repair kit mainly includes durable canvas, epoxy, splice tube.


                              Flexible Leader                                                                                         Swivel Connector                                                           Repair Kit

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