Cobra Duct Rod

Cobra duct rod that is also named cobra conduit rod, is an good cobra cable puller. It is widely used in various kinds of electric cable pulling pipe line project such as traction guide ropes, armored communication cables, power cables, network cables and video cables. You can also use the traceable duct rodder measure the length of the pipe, clear the pipe, and check the pipe. The simple operation, smooth surface, reasonable combination of toughness and strength are important and highly effective auxiliary tools in pipeline construction.


Cobra Duct Rodder

Cobra Duct Rod is the highest quality rod. It gains extra strength through a unique construction process, ensuring greater rigidity and strength, allowing it to withstand the extra forces required for long pipe runs with multiple bends and sweeps. A braided wrap of reinforcing fibers adds to its rigidity and helps bond the core to the outer plastic coating. The coating is made from a polymer blend for increased toughness and superior abrasion resistance to ensure an exceptionally long service life.

  • Features

  • The fiberglass reinforced rod and the rugged abs layer made the duct rod long-service time and flexible.

  • Assembly: metal frame and rubber wheels, Wheel assembly for easy transportation; Guide rollers and the right parts for rotary coupling; parking brake for the flexible rod. The cobra duct rod assembled by fiberglass rod,  galvanized steel frame and rubber wheels. The wheels make the duct rod transport more easier, the duct rod parts such as rotary coupling, parking brakes and flexible rod can let the users handle the duct rodder freely.

  • If the duct rod's diameter more than 8mm, the copper wire will be inside the rod to help users tracking easily.

  • ABS resin cover: our fiberglass duct rodder adopts high quality ABS resin as outer rugged coating, which made it more durable and long service life. At the same time, colorful ABS resin cover such as yellow, white, green, black, blue, etc can give users good mood.

  • The cobra duct rodder's rubber wheel let the duct rodder's moving more light and easily used in the field.

  • Feed device allows rod to be pushed, stopped and draw back more easier.

  • The Rugged tubular steel reel can be adjusted according to the site.

  • Anti-rust pulling eyes allow duct rodder long time using and for underground duct workable.

  • Advantages

  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

  • Excellent tensile strength rod.

  • Frame made high quality steel, strong and durable.

  • With the wheels, the duct rodder can save much time and labor, improve the work efficiency.

  • We customized the duct rod from 4mm to 16mm.

  • Designed with various colors.

Cobra Duct Rodder

More Cobra Duct Rodder Details

We supply many cobra rods and duct rods with 4.5 mm diameter rod to 16mm diameter rod. We call it cable duct rods, cobra conduit duct rods, conduit snakes, duct rods or conduit rods. There are many cobra duct rod for sale with different diameter, such as 4.5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 9 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm, 14 mm, 15 mm. Cobra duct rods 50 m and cobra duct rods 100 m are sold in our company. Buy cobra duct rods & conduit rodder now , according to its diameter and length.

Specification of Cobra Duct Rodder:

Inner coreGlass Fiber
Glass Content of Inner Part75-80%
Material of Pulling RodEpoxy fiber glass (inner)High density Polyethylene(outer)
Diameter Tolerance± 0.10 mm
Work situation temperature- 40 °C to +80 °C
Breaking tension4500 kg
Linear Density150 g/m
Bending Radius295 mm
Rod Diameter4.5-16 mm
Frame Specification1300x350x1350, 1200x420x1220, 980x350x1000, 680x240x700, etc
Elongation at break2.5-3%


Colorful cable wire used high quality raw material

Customized Cobra Duct Rods:

Some popular size, we can also customized the duct rodder's size according to buyer
Dia (mm)Bending diameter (cm)Weight (g/m)Measurement (cm)Package weight (kg)
4.5 mm×100 m93067×55×208
6 mm×150 m115177×65×2014
8 mm×100 m159197×9×4824
9 mm×150 m18115107×10×4840
11 mm×100 m21176107×10×4840
11 mm×200 m2117613×12×4850
14 mm×300 m3228415×14×48110
16 mm×200 m---37515×14×48110

Note: Various sizes and colors of cobra duct rod are customized. We can offer many customized style, such as United Kingdom Style, United States Style, United Arab Emirates Style and so on.

We also have other high quality fiberglass products, click for more quotes.

Hot Cobra Duct Rod for Sale:


                      3/8 conduit duct rods                                                  6 mm×150 m cobra duct rodder                           8 mm×100 m detectable duct rodder


                9 mm×150 m duct rods                                                   11 mm×200 m conduit rodder                                14 mm×300 m cobra conduit duct rod

Cobra Duct Rod Accessories:

  1  Guide tips . 

  2  End connector.

  3  Rod repair kits. 

  4  Swivel connector.

  5  Flexible guide tip.

  6  Roller guides.


                           Guide tips                                                                           End connector                                                                Rod repair kits


                               Swivel connector                                                           Flexible guide tip                                                                Guide tips

Application of Cobra Duct Rodder:

  •   1 . Duct cleaning;

  •   2 . Cable & wire installation in conduit;

  •   3 . Cable in pipe ;

Notice When Using the Cobra Duct Rods

1. The cobra duct rod should be used properly and regularly. The traction head must be protected (one end of the fiberglass duct rodder, material is copper-plated, with threads on it, which can be tightened tightly) , but cannot be broken.

2. When used, the traction head is first aligned with the movable pulley on the duct rodder frame, and the pulley is to carry out threading, pulling the wire, and clearing the pipeline. If you are trying to pull all the rod out of the frame, you should pay special attention to the last one is stuck in the ring which is on the small frame, this ring is used to fix the traction head when the duct rodder receives the rod.

3. You should not break the traction head when you pull it out. When you insert the threader, you must first snap the traction head in the middle of the ring.

4. The fiberglass duct rod has a hard and brittle material property, so you should keep the minimum diameter of the bend during the use process not lower than 60 cm. In the pipeline or other construction environment, if the pipe angle is right angle or less than 90 degrees. In this case, special attention should be paid to protecting the traction head from being broken. When pulling out of the pipeline, certain precautions should be taken to prevent the threader from being damaged. (such as placing a pay-off pulley for use in corners, etc.)

5. The permissible temperature range of the FRP duct rodder is between -40 and +80 degrees. Any improper behavior during construction should be avoided. For example, after using the duct rodder under environment for long time, it  should be placed in a cool place. Avoid prolonged sunlight exposure and rain showers.

6. The maximum rod traction for FRP duct  is 2.5 tons. Do not use high-powered machines for traction in a 90-degree right-angle environment. Otherwise, cracks may occur. Never allow vehicles and other heavy objects to be rolled, as this will greatly shorten their service life.

7. When using duct rod  in large-scale cable construction, do not use duct rod to directly pull the cable. Use a metal traction head of  the cobra duct rod to pull a wire rope first in the pipe, and then use a wire rope to pull the cable. The life of the cobra duct rod will be greatly improved. It is recommended to use various pay-off pulleys to increase work efficiency and protect the threader.

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