Manhole Cable Rollers

Manhole cable rollers are used by telecommunications technicians, electricians and other professionals involved in the installation and maintenance of underground cables. They are an important tool in ensuring that cables can be installed efficiently and without damage in a variety of underground environments.


Manhole Cable Roller

For open trench laying of low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage cables

Manhole Cable Rollers move effortlessly on their free-running mandrels, adding cable support, labor productivity and site safety to cable pulling teams.

Manhole cable roller are equipment used to install and maintain underground cables such as power, telecommunications or fiber optic cables. It is designed to assist in pulling and guiding cables through manholes, pipes and other underground passages. Cable Puller Roller is suitable for use during power, telecommunications and cable TV installations. It is extremely durable, made entirely of steel and coated with a high quality bright zinc coating.

The Cable Roller is a multi-directional roller guide with a removable top roller via a cotter pin and a removable center post for easy cable removal.

Manhole Cable Rollers for Sale

Benefits of using manhole cable roller:

Cable Protection: Manhole Cable Rollers help protect cables from abrasion, kinks and other forms of damage during installation and maintenance.

Efficient installation: They ensure that the cables are installed efficiently and without unnecessary tension, thus reducing the risk of damage to the cables or the manhole itself.

Reduced labor: Manhole cable rollers make cable installation easier, reducing the physical labor required by technicians and potentially speeding up the installation process.

Safety: Using cable rollers can improve safety during cable installation by preventing cable-related accidents and damage.

When working on projects involving cable installations, our high-quality cable rollers ensure efficiency. For underground applications, incorporating duct rodders alongside our cable rollers enhances the precision and ease of cable placement.


Cable Puller Roller Common Applications:

Manhole cable rollers are used in a variety of industries including telecommunications, electrical and data cabling. They are essential for installing and maintaining cables in underground environments.

Our Manhole Cable Rollers come in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit different cable types and installation scenarios.


Use and maintenance:

Regular inspection and maintenance of manhole cable rollers is essential to ensure they are working properly and continue to protect the cables during installation. This includes cleaning, lubricating and inspecting for any signs of wear.

Cable rollers play a vital role in ensuring efficient and safe installation of underground cables, making them an indispensable tool for professionals in the cable installation and maintenance industry.

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