Fiberglass Rods

Fiberglass rods are made with flexibility that appears to be round commonly used as framing of structures like in greenhouses. It also provides both industrial and recreational purposes for it can be used in kite frames and flag whips.

Since this flexible fiberglass rods do not conduct electricity, it's other use therefore is recommended for antennas. On projects where conductivity is an issue, long fiberglass rods are often used as strengthening core on the application.


  • Features

  • Lightweight.

  • High mechanical strength.

  • UV & corrosion resistant.

  • Outstanding electrical insulation capability for low- and medium-voltage.

  • Flame, smoke and toxicity.

  • Heat resistance.

  • Abrasion and impact resistance.

  • Good machinability.

  • Longevity.

  • Advantages

  • A variety of rods.

  • Good quality.

More Solid Fiberglass Rods Details

The Fiberglass rods supplier is making a variety of rods that brings a series of model to satisfy every customer's needs. A chosen material of good quality has been carefully acquired by the manufacturer understanding the buyers' needs of this fiberglass rods for sale where it offers a large of advantage to consumers for they have now a wide option to choose from on whatever project they plan to construct or assemble. However, me as a user of their product, have found out both the advantage and disadvantage of the classification of their designs.

Solid Fiberglass Rod Specification

Different custom size and custom shape you can quote, we can promise low price good quality from my factory.

Explore the durability and versatility of our high-quality fiberglass rods, engineered to meet your specific needs. Whether you require assistance or want to learn more about our fiberglass duct rodders, feel free to contact us for expert guidance.


Fiberglass rods are classified into few types. These are:

Long Fiberglass Rods

  ♦  This type of fiberglass rods is usually used in structures just like in greenhouse framing.

Tapered Fiberglass Rods

  ♦  This type of fiberglass rods is the one that is used for recreational purposes just like in kite framing.

Electrical fiberglass rods

  ♦  This type of fiberglass rods provides the benefit of making an electrical project safe and non-conductive as it can be used as a core on the application of electrical connections.

Square Fiberglass Rod

  ♦  This type of fiberglass rods adds an artistic view to the application. Thus, it fits better on hobbyist projects. Its difference in shape has made a lot of distinction from the basic one, yet, everything will merely depend on the structure design.

Flat Bars & Square Rods
mminchWeight/Material Length

Bendable Fiberglass Rods

  ♦  This type of fiberglass rods is the best buy. It is very suitable on variation of projects with that requires more flexibility and sturdiness.

long fiberglass rodstapered fiberglass rodstapered fiberglass rods

                   Long Fiberglass Rods                                   Tapered Fiberglass Rods               Tapered Fiberglass Rods

electrical fiberglass rodssquare fiberglass rodbendable fiberglass rods

      Electrical Fiberglass Rods                      Square Fiberglass Rod                   Bendable Fiberglass Rods

Fiberglass Rods Thickness

Solid Fiberglass rods appears not just in one uniform thickness. Instead, it is designed in:

Thin Fiberglass Rods

  ♦  There are projects that require thin rods in full consideration of its weight and size. The only thing that need to be concerned of on thin rods is its strength limit.

1-inch Fiberglass Rod

  ♦  Preferably, this is what I choose and will recommend to anybody who needs my opinion in buying fiberglass rod.

Thin Fiberglass Rods

The thickness1-inch fiberglass rod

                                          The Thickness                                                               1-inch Fiberglass Rod 

Solid fiberglass rods manufacturer offers many colors

Fiberglass rods has further innovate its design by its color distinction. The availability is in:

 Black Fiberglass Rod

 · To have a black fiberglass rods are good for structural purposes.

 White Fiberglass Rod

 · White fiberglass rods are good for recreational projects.

 Orange Fiberglass Rods

 · This color of fiberglass rods is commonly used on projects that requires the additional aesthetic view.

black fiberglass rodwhite fiberglass rodorange fiberglass rods

          Black Fiberglass Rod                                                     White Fiberglass Rod                                     Orange Fiberglass Rods

Solid Fiberglass Rods Sizes

Fiberglass rods has its new variation, according to size:

3 mm fiberglass rods6 mm fiberglass rods8 mm fiberglass rods10 mm fiberglass rods

        3 mm Fiberglass Rods                     6 mm Fiberglass Rods                       8 mm Fiberglass Rods             10 mm Fiberglass Rods

Solid Fiberglass Rods Benefits

The main concern is the consideration on what rod best fit the user. This is the key reason why the manufacturer has innovated variations of its design to benefit the customer's choices and needs. In order to find for the best fit to your needs, I recommend that you should know first your design, then go ahead with the sizes and fittings right after.

Flexible Fiberglass Rods Applications

My aim in acquiring this rod is simply for the purpose of my new-found hobby but after knowing that Sinta has been offering fiberglass rods wholesale, I grabbed the chance of getting a bunch and sell the rest. For the fact that it is quite expensive to buy fiberglass rods from other brands with same quality as I got, this wholesale offer is already an advantage for those who wants to turn their hobby into business, just like what I did.

fiberglass rods used food farmfiberglass rods used outdoor activities

                             Fiberglass Rods Used Food Farm                                   Fiberglass Rods Used Outdoor Activities


fiberglass rods packing

                            Fiberglass Rods Packed                                                 Fiberglass Rods with a Bundle      



                        Loading Fiberglass Rods                                                Loading Fiberglass RodsBefore

The Total Experience

Solid fiberglass rods manufacturer users experience with solid fiberglass rods

It was not really my plan to focus into making business out of my hobby as I only got the interest of making it for fun after I met a friend who was once did an exemplary kite design. Previously, when I had a kite, it was just way back when I back in primary school with a very simple structure.

Then I got the Sinta tapered fiberglass rod, to my surprise, when I let my kite fly, it feels like a total success seeing the beauty and coordination it shows up in the sky.

Right after that, I concluded that the material greatly effects on whatever project you may have.

My Recommendation

To every friend who asked me what’s the best fiberglass rod to buy, I simply told them to use what I recently bought. It amazed me and made me discover every single benefit of the material it can bring to one's design.

The Conclusion

Although the school where I am enrolled in has been using rods from other manufacturers for its projects, only this time when I believe they realized the best quality of rod out of my Sinta fiberglass rod. I’m no expert designer but can see more advantage Sinta fiberglass rod has offered.

I enjoyed the feeling of successfully finishing a project with high appreciation coming from other people because of the work I did brought by a good material. Although, there's one thing that I want to suggest for improvement on their design which is hoping on the possibility of getting an all-in-one bendable and electrical fiberglass rod. Apart from that, I can recommend these fiberglass rods to others who need my opinion.

This product review of mine may not cover every detail of Sinta fiberglass rod but I hope that this will give you some information you might need whilelooking for fiberglass rods to use.


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