Fiberglass Push Pull Rods

Fiberglass push pull rods, also called cable pulling rods, wire pull rods etc, is a tooll used for pushing or pulling the wire, cable easily through pipeline or crawl spaces etc. This tool is widely used in construction, residential electrical and commercial industries. It is excellent for hard to reach places.

Fiberglass rod is made by high density and dural fiberglass material, it can prevent breakage or splinters. Accessories is copper material or steel material, very strong and cannot break.


  • Features

  • The ideal of wire pull rod is for running multipurpose wire or cable into the area hard to reach, such as under floors, behind wall cavities, into ceiling ducts, up through narrow spaces etc, it is sturdy and flexible enough.        

  • Fiberglass rod with yellow coating is nonconductive and can protect delicate wires.      

  • Fiberglass push pull rod is a multipurpose continuous rod, it is perfect for fishing cable conduit and innerduct. Also usefull for plumbing work. 

  • It can pull or pull the wire or cable insdie or outside of the pipeline/conduit easily. Fiberglass push pull rod can be connected in two lengths to run through long conduit and hard to reach areas.         

  • Advantages

  • Fiberglass rod is with good elasticity and anti-corrosive, it can be carried conveniently, improve the working efficiency and save working time a lot.        

  • Fiberglass push pull rod is easier and faster to run wire or cable than old type electrical fish.        

  • The special fiberglass material will never get corrosive or rusty.        

  • Due to its special features, fiberglass push pull rod is solely warranted against any damage.    


More Fiberglass Push Pull Rods Details    

Structure of fiberglass push pull rod    

Fiberglass wire pull rods is composed by fiberglass rod with male &female fittings at the ends and other matched accessories.    


        Cable Push Pull Rods

                            Fiberglass wire pull rods                        


                           Fiberglass wire pull rods                        



                             Fiberglass wire pull rods                        


Specification of fiberglass push pull rod    

Usually, 1 set includes below items:    

  ♦  10 pcs fiberglass rods with end fitting at each extrimity (one male / one female).    

  ♦  1 pc hook - a durable hook for catching cable or flexible conduit to remove it.    

  ♦  1 pc pulling eye with ring (ring mount into eye) - it is a simple tool of attaching a small cable or wire to a rod end, to push or pull it into requested area.    

  ♦  1 pc flexible rod - it is made from flexible and spring material, it can help the rod run through narrow bends or corners.    

  ♦  1 pc spherical rod end, is a tool to push rods through congested place, without impedient or causing damages.    

  ♦  1 pc plate rod end, is a tool to push rods through dirty or rough place.    

  ♦  1 transparent plastic pipe with 2 end plug Inside    

  ♦  All of them are in a durable case, making the wire pulling easily.    

Our company provides various designs of sample adapters and holders, water cooling adapters and other matching accessories.


Cable Push Pull Rods    

Specification of Fiberglass push pull rod
itemFiberglass push pull rod
Rod length1 meter, 1.1 meters
Rod diameter4 mm, 5 mm, 6.5 mm, 9.5 mm
Material of rodfiberglass(inner) and PVC/ABS(outer)
Material of fittingcopper or steel fitting
colorYellow, red, blue, etc
Working suitable temperature-40 to +80 degree
Minimum work bend radius295 mm
Maximum pulling strength100 kgs
Cosistency of rod55 g/m

Applications of fiberglass wire pull rods:    

  ♦  Fiberglass wire pull rods is flexible enough for insulated walls and strong enough for drop ceilings.    

  ♦  Fiberglass wire pull rod is a simple and inexpensive hand tool, used for electrical, telecom, and aerial cable installers.    

  ♦  The rod can be used for laying cables under floors, over ceilings, through walls, crawl spaces, pipeline and conduit etc.    

  ♦  Use for route and retrieve cable, cable rod set.    

  ♦  The fiberglass rod is good for reasonable length running with tight corners.    

Click on the link to view our product video.    

Package of Cable Push Pull Rods:    

Cable push pull rods can be packed in a transparent plastic pipe with 2 end plug Inside, also can be packed in a cloth bag.    


                                            package of push pull rod    


                                                package of push pull rod                        

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