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FRP Traceable Rodder: Revolutionizing cable installation with precision and visibility

Welcome to our dedicated page showcasing the extraordinary traceable duct rodder. At Frp Traceable Rodder Supply, we are excited to introduce a tool that sets a new standard in the industry by not only simplifying cable installation but also increasing accuracy and visibility. This duct rodder has high tensile strength and flexibility allowing it to move through complex conduits and ducts. Its outer protective layer of engineering plastic is smooth, scratch-resistant, and has an anti-UV capability.

FRP traceable duct rodder requires minimal excavation to locate

There is a copper wire in our Frp Traceable Rodder that can be powered by the signal transmitter. The locator detects frequencies, enabling one to track and tag entire buried facilities from the surface.

Sinta is a leading and unique trading company engaged in manufacturing and supplying highest quality Rod Pipe Fittings. Manufactured using the finest quality materials under the guidance of skilled experts, we offer various sizes of joints and other specific options. Our quality analysts check various quality parameters before delivery to customers.

Our traceable duct rodder is an innovation that combines the functionality of traditional fiber pipe rodders with the added benefit of traceability. Designed for projects where precise and accurate cable tracking is critical, this tool is a game changer for cable installation.

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