Cable Drum Stand
The Cable Drum Stand is a versatile support system designed for holding and dispensing large rolls of cable. Its primary function is to facilitate the smooth and controlled release of cable from drums during installation processes. 

Cable Drum Stand is essential in projects where precise cable management is crucial. It is especially beneficial in settings where space constraints or ground conditions make cable handling challenging. The stand is an embodiment of functional simplicity, offering ease of use without compromising on performance or safety.

cable drum stand

Cable Drum Stand Details

Design Variations: Available in multiple designs, including portal frame, triangular frame, and special-shaped frame designs, as well as heavy-duty models for larger cable drums.

Material Composition: The main load-bearing parts are made from high-quality carbon steel, with thickness varying according to load-bearing requirements. In high-loading cable drum steel frame, the thickness of the main support and the base is increased for added strength to maintain stability.The cross round pipe, crucial for core load-bearing, are made of durable carbon steel and can be adjusted in length to accommodate the length of the cable drum.

Surface Treatment: After derusting, smoothing, and polishing, the entire cable drum steel frame is painted, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and durability. This treatment also provides resistance to rust and corrosion.

cable drum stand

Accessories: The stand includes high-quality jacks for load-bearing, supporting cable drums of various weights, whether they are 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons or 12 tons.

Safety Features: Safety is a key element in its design. This includes locking mechanisms to secure the cable drum in place and anti-slip feet for additional stability.

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Cable Drum Jack Features

Height Adjustability: The height of stand can be modified to adapt to different  drum sizes and operational requirements. This feature enhances its versatility, making it suitable for a range of cable 

installation projects.

DesignOptions:  It has multiple configurations, each suitable for a specific type of cable drums. This diversity ensures compatibility with various cable types and sizes.                                               

Stable and Secure Support: The stand provides a sturdy base for cable drums, ensuring they remain stationary and secure during the unwinding process. This stability is crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring a smooth cable release.

Cable Drum Stand Advantages

Enhanced Flexibility: Its adjustable features allow it to be tailored to specific project needs, making it a flexible solution for various cable installation scenarios.

Dependable Performance: It provides a reliable platform for cable drums, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted cable release.

Compatibility and Synergy: When used in conjunction with the Cable Trailer, it creates an efficient system for managing and deploying cables, significantly improving operational efficiency in cable laying projects.

Portability Feature: For larger and heavier models of brackets, such as 5-ton and 10-ton heavy-duty cable drums, they can work according to users' construction requirements at different sites to meet the construction requirements of heavy-duty cable drums. During the movement process, the cable drum does not need to be disassembled or repositioned but can be moved directly to the next construction site for operation. This feature is particularly beneficial when the bracket needs to be frequently moved or between different areas of the workplace.

Cable Drum Jack Specification

Load tonnage(T)Height(cm)Bar parameters(LengthxDiameterxThickness)

Applicable coil(cm)

Jack loading Weight(kg)Weight (kg)

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Cable Drum Jack Applications

The primary application of the Cable Drum Stand is to provide a stable base for cable drums, allowing the controlled and smooth unwinding of cables. This is crucial in preventing cable tangling and damage during installation.

Versatile Cable Handling in Various Projects: No matter in the construction of buildings, infrastructure projects, or setting up of events and festivals, the Cable Drum Stand adapts to various environments and cable types. Its adjustable nature makes it suitable for different sizes and weights of cable drums.

Support in Indoor and Outdoor Settings: The stand is equally effective in both indoor and outdoor settings. For indoor use, it facilitates the installation of cables in commercial buildings, data centers, and residential area. Outdoors, it supports projects, such as street lighting installations and outdoor event setups.

Packaging, Shipping, and Installation of Cable Drum Stands

Secure Packaging: The Cable Drum Stand is carefully packaged to guarantee its safe arrival, preserving its integrity during transportation.

Straightforward Installation: Detailed instructions accompany the product, facilitating easy assembly and adjustment of the stand.

Efficient Setup: Designed for swift setup, users can promptly deploy the stand, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

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