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Mini duct rodder is usually made of fiberglass or composite material, which makes our 6mm duct rod flexible, tensile strength, lightweight, strong and durable.

Fiberglass duct rods are used to thread cables through existing ducts in preparation for their introduction into the duct. No matter what model of cable you're pulling, this means you don't have to worry about getting the cable into place correctly the first time.


Mini Cobra Duct Rod

Our high-quality 6mm duct rods are available in fiberglass or composite materials. This construction has excellent flexural flexibility and is ideal for short to long-pipe installations. This is a perfect and quick way to install ducts, ready for cable-pulling operations.

Our popular sizes for duct rodder: 7/16 in. x 400 ft, 7/16 in. x 500 ft

Popular lengths are: 400', 500', 600', 700', 800' or 1000

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Mini Cobra Duct Rodder

mini cobra duct rodders

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Advantages of our high-quality mini cobra duct rodder:

Why Choose Mini Cobra Duct Rod Manufacturer?

Brakeable Duct rod

The fiberglass fish tape reel is designed with a stopper on the bracket. You can easily use the brakes to pause. It is strong and flexible.

Solid stand

The bracket is made of high-quality steel pipe, which is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant. It is durable and suitable for long-term use. It has a triangular structure, which is strong and durable.

The material does not deform

It is made of fiberglass (inner layer) and ABS. The copper head does not deform and has a strong load-bearing capacity. The outer layer is covered with high-density UV-resistant polyethylene.

Strong bendability

Steel fishtail straps have excellent flex properties and pass easily through walls and ceilings.

Well package

First, mini duct rod manufacturer will coat a layer of plastic foam on the surface of the air duct rod, and then use a carton outside. Wooden or plastic pallets are more convenient for transportation, easy to handle, and protect products.

Tips: All mini cobra duct rodders are equipped with a guide head, and a full set of accessories is also available.

This is our 6mm duct rod model:

ltemRod diameter(mm)Rod length(m)Weight(kg)Frame size(mm)
LTRD6-60 Φ6 60 600*210*730
LTRD6-80 Φ6 80 10 
LTRD6-90 Φ6 90 10.5 
LTRD6-100 Φ6 100 11
LTRD6-120 Φ6 120 11.5 
LTRD6-150 Φ615013 

Wide application of 6mm duct rod

It is suitable for specific needs and jobs, for pulling guide ropes and distributing communication cables, power cables, network cables, video cables, etc. in ducts, wall and floor ducts, walking ducts, and utility installations.

Detail of dcut rod

Detail of duct rod

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