Fiberglass Cable Puller Fish Tape

Fiberglass, which is characterized by greater flexibility and no kink properties, is opposed to typical metal fish tapes. The cables could manage to go around corners and bend without being easy to control without ending up with a curve or angle. 


Fiberglass Cable Puller

Electrical Cable Puller – install cables in a safe and comfortable way

Fish tapes are indispensable tools for electricians, telecommunications technicians, construction workers, and many other maintenance personnel. These cables are composed of woven fiberglass yarn, wrapped in a very tough and sturdy polyethylene coating, making them ideal for pulling wires in walls, floors, ceilings, and pipes. They smoothly thread cables into the space and corners. The cable is easy to slide and can be installed and wired in buildings and homes.


Fiberglass Cable Puller Structure

The main component of the fiberglass cable tractor is a core yarn composed of glass fiber. The inner core is made of fiberglass and the outer shell is made of polypropylene material.

Glass is a resistor with good electrical properties and high tensile strength. There are other fiberglass rovings surrounding the braided yarn, giving the strip more flexibility when bending. The fiberglass is encapsulated in a casing extruded directly onto the cable, which is made of polypropylene material. The surface of PP or ABS material is smooth and hard, and its resistance to damage is enhanced. It helps the cable pass easily through the conduit if pull and tension is required. Polypropylene has another protective feature that not only prevents damage to the fiberglass layer, but also prevents wear and tear.


TIPS: The cable puller are neatly coiled and packaged in durable fish tapes to keep them protected yet easy to transport and deploy at worksites.

Other Popular Materials Cable Puller


                                                      Nylon Cable Puller                                                                              Polyester Cable Puller


Fiberglass cable pullers are the first choice for wall cable pulling, they also open the way for alternatives in the market, such as polyester and nylon cable pullers. Those manmade polymer cable pullers usually have sufficient tensile strength and good chemical stability, but knot easily during pulling; while the thermal stability of fibreglass material is not good enough, it is not heat-resistant.

Nevertheless, fiberglass material is still the usual choice and the most popular for most applications in terms of its good flexibility, abrasion resistance and long-term durability even with repeated use. Fiberglass material is the most preferred option when demanding to pull the cable or wire smoothly and effortlessly. The overall performance of fiberglass is incomparable. You could choose a suitable material for your practical use.


Electricians use cable pullers extensively for installing wiring in buildings, homes, and facilities. They smoothly pull cables through conduits and pipes, even around obstructions.

Telecom technicians rely on  fish tapes  to carefully thread cables when installing communications infrastructure. This maintains signal quality in fiber optic and coaxial networks.

Construction crews utilize push pullers to route lighting, security systems, HVAC, and other wiring within buildings under construction.

Data centers employ cable rod pullers to neatly organize and manage complex cable networks between servers and networking equipment.

The automotive industry uses wire pullers when assembling vehicles, and routing cables through chassis and compartments.

At renewable energy sites like wind and solar installations, Cable laying tools connect power and communication cables from the renewables to the electrical grid.

For events and theaters,fiberglass cables pullers temporarily install AV, lighting, and sound system cabling.

A cable pulling tool is used to install or remove cables in hard-to-reach places because it provides a mechanical advantage and leverage that helps pull cables through conduits, pipes, or other paths.

Cable Puller Manufacturer

Electrical Cable Puller Specification

                                          Length(m)                                                 Diameter(mm)
                                               5                                                        Φ4
                                              10                                                        Φ4
                                              15                                                        Φ4
                                              20                                                        Φ4
                                              25                                                        Φ4
                                              30                                                        Φ4

Outside the Box Metrial

                                         Meas(cm)                                                   Pcs/Ctn
                                        33×33×16                                                       25
                                        33×33×22                                                       25
                                        34×34×26                                                       25
                                        34×34×29                                                       25
                                        35×35×32                                                       25
                                        35×35×34                                                       25

Packaging, Transport and Installation

Manufacturer pack fiberglass fish straps in durable cardboard boxes to protect them from various damages during transportation and storage so as to ensure its safe arrival at the destination. Each set of cables is rolled and placed in durable boxes made of cardboard or hard plastic boxes.      

For larger sizes, the box has a shoulder strap for easy mobility, increasing on-site portability. Lightweight material means cheap transportation costs.


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